Your Focus, Your Future

Make The NO day a YES terday


‘MAKE THE ‘NO” day A YESterday is about developing our thoughts to achieve our goals, especially when we think we can’t.

This type of thinking has changed my life where I no longer fear negative thinking, but now see it as a pathway to achieve my goals. I hope you find it helpful and successful in your life also

  • Type: Business
  • Author: Valerie Pierce
  • ISBN: 978-1-916620-23-0

In this 15 minute read, you will understand that:

1) NO does not mean ‘NO’, it means ‘ask me more questions’: If you can understand the information in the ‘no’, it can show you how to be innovative and achieve EXACTLY what you want.
2) YES, achieve what you want through your ability to negative, not just positive.
  1. Orla Kelly01.01.2024

    A great little book with a powerful punch. Thanks Valerie Pierce! I went through the short story "Make the 'No' Day a Yesterday" and did the exercises and by the time I finished this short read, the problem I was working on was solved! Highly recommended.