Quick Thinking On Your Feet

Quick Thinking On Your Feet

A Great Guide To Thinking Fast

Internationally published success, “Quick Thinking on Your Feet” by Valerie Pierce, founder of Clear and Critical Thinking, has generated a very positive response worldwide, including being a best selling book in New York under its US title ‘The Art of Thriving Under Pressure’. ‘Quick Thinking’ has been the perfect marketing tool for Clear and Critical Thinking courses worldwide, and in particular has put the course ‘Influencing Skills – The Art of Thriving Under Pressure’ on the world training requirement map.

  • Type: Business
  • Author: Valerie Pierce
  • Publisher: Mercier
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Quick Thinking on your Feet will show you how to strengthen your thinking techniques and so improve the quality and productivity of your work.

Learn how to:

Be clear about what you want to achieve
Separate ‘Passion’ from ‘Emotion in tense situations
Use Cool Logic in Hot Situations
Turn Negative Thinking into Positive Action
  1. Paul Lanigan18.09.2007

    This is a great book to add to any business library. If you've ever experienced that horrible sensation of knowing what you should have said or done, long after the appropriate time to act has passed - this is the book for you. Easy to read, brim full of practical examples and advice. Highly recommended.

  2. Henning Alejandro26.08.2009

    I regret not having read this book when i was 25 years old... i would have definitely succeeded much earlier in many of my goals and objectives . A highly insightful and thorough view of human relations and social dynamics be it in the workplace, at home or with friends. Valerie Pierce can balance deep thinking with a sense of humor plus very down to earth examples. She strikes the right balance between human thought processes and demonstrated behaviors and goes further in providing excellent tips on how to manage the most difficult and frustrating moments in life. From beginning to end one is faced with many real life situations which every reader will recognize in their own past experience. I have recommended this book to a number of friends and colleagues and not only have they enjoyed it thoroughly but were thankful to me for having recommended it to them as it helped them to achieve their goals at work or within their family and social environment. The story of the Irish Setter is a master piece..... A thought provoking yet enjoyable book to read.