Your Focus, Your Future

Your Focus Your Future

The Definitive Guide To Success

Focus is natural. We are all born with an instinct to focus on exactly what we want and the determination we need to get it. But as we grow up and life becomes more complicated, that focus is hard to maintain as we become overwhelmed by an overload of choice and information. This book teaches you to to regain your Focus through the art of Clear Thinking. Valerie Pierce shows you the skills you need to see clearly what you want as she helps you develop the will-power, self-discipline and intellectual savvy to achieve it.

  • Type: Business
  • Author: Valerie Pierce
  • Publisher: Mercier
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A manual to cut through the clutter of information overload, focus on what you want in life and then achieve it. Focus is natural. We are born with an instinct to focus on exactly what we want and a very strong pair of lungs to help us to get it. Then, somewhere along the way, we begin to lose that focus.

In the digital age we are bombarded with information from all angles and live our lives at such a breakneck pace that it sometimes seems that our lives are completely out of our control. In three easy steps this book teaches the reader how to regain control through the art of clear thinking:

1) FOCUS eliminate information overload
2) TRANSFORM negative thinking into positive action
3) THINK CLEARLY in the moment The author shows how you can use this strategy to achieve your goals in work and in life.
  1. Jeannie McCann08.07.2014

    An excellent book! I had already found Valerie’s first book, 'Quick Thinking on Your Feet’, very beneficial and I picked this book up at a time when I needed to refocus in all areas of my life. I found ‘Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking’ covered many of the challenges I was facing, in many cases without realising exactly what the issue was. It was very easy to read and the short anecdotes throughout illustrated the points very well, enabling me to relate it to my own experience. The book includes helpful, practical techniques to find and maintain focus. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to find and keep focus, build confidence and reduce stress levels, while succeeding at the same time.

  2. Henning Alejandro16.01.2015

    Pierce provides very practical steps on the Art of Clear Thinking and how to remain focused. This book is written with a very pedagogical approach, you have the feeling of being in an intense leadership workshop going through step by step how to manage your own and others passions ,feelings and behaviors. The architecture of this model is easy to follow and very down to earth, her personal experiences and examples are full of candor and are enlightening and thought provoking. In every step of the book you have the impression of going through a roller coaster in your learning curve. I have already applied and shared many of Pierce's insights during my Executive Coaching work and have recommended to some passionate executives to read this book .

  3. Judy Murphy 28.07.2014

    Focus The Art of Clear Thinking - is an excellent book! It is easy to read and filled with practical examples, exercises, anecdotes and inspiration to help you Focus and move towards your goals.The concept of “Passion (focus) vs Emotion (ego)” and its impact on your outcome is very powerful. Transforming “negative thinking into positive outcomes” really resonated with me as we all face daily challenges. The use of visuals in this book are also excellent e.g. “Stairway to Peak Performance”, “Courage”, “Staying Power”.I would highly recommend this book. I found the book thought provoking and inspiring and you will find many ‘jewels’ to help you see clearly what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it with Focus.