Sharp Thinking for Successful Leadership

Half Day Module


The overall objective of this half day module is to draw on your best resources, your people. Our aim is assist you in creating leaders and managers who develop team capability to a leadership level.

How It Will Help You

Strong Leaders:
Ask the Right Questions to get the best answers
Distinguish ‘Passion’ from ‘Emotion’
Develop Productive Thinking
Change Negative Thinking into Positive Action
Communicate ideas in a way that makes sense to others

Great Training

Course Content

Part 1 - Developing Clear Focus & Innovative Overview

- Learn to Stimulate Productive Thinking
- Use your Passion to control your Emotion
- Ask the right questions to find the best answers
- Use the ‘DNA’ thinking technique to turn negative thinking into Positive Action

Part 2 - Achieving 'Buy-in' and Ownership

- Good thinking needs to be communicated positively to others in order to be effective
- Learn to make your ideas attractive and convincing
- Ask the right questions to find the best answers
- Transfer your thoughts in a way that makes sense to your audience
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Course Presenter

Great Training

Valerie Pierce

Valerie Pierce, MA (Phil), MSc (Executive Coaching) is Creator of the training concept ‘Clear & Critical Thinking’.

Her international client list includes public and private sector clients in Ireland, UK and Europe over a 20 year period.

Valerie also lectures on MBA programs at Ashridge Business School, Brooks University Oxford, the Smurfit School of Business and Trinity College Dublin.
She is a Tutor on the worldwide Ashridge Leadership Programme and is the author of the ‘Creative Problem Solving’ Learning Guide (2011) for the Ashridge Business School (Top 1% of Global Business Schools – Ref: Financial Times).

Her books include:

‘Quick Thinking on Your Feet’
(Published in Ireland 2003: Japan 2004: USA 2005: China 2005)
'Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking'
published in Ireland (2014)and Middle East (2015)