Think Smart for Peak Performance

One Hour Masterclass Conference Slot / Breakfast Briefing


This one hour presentation will concentrate on the most valuable asset you have – your brainpower. This brief, stimulating and entertaining session stretches your thinking skills in the areas of perception, clarity and quick thinking.
Valerie Pierce, Creator of the Clear and Critical Thinking training programme, will run through some simple techniques to enhance peak performance in - Opening Perception to achieve Clear Focus - Asking the right questions to gain the best answers and - Using negative thinking to produce positive action

How It Will Help You

In this short one hour slot, Valerie Pierce will run through some simple thinking techniques to enhance your peak performance in challenging times, using the 3 Ps:
- Passion
- Productivity
- Perseverance
This Masterclass will concentrate on developing these three simple skills that you can use on a daily basis.

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Course Content

Think With Passion - Not Emotion

To ensure your thinking is working in tandem with your goals, you must be aware of the difference between being Passionate, versus being Emotional about what you want. The difference between these states of mind is the difference between success and failure.

See The Bigger Picture

In critical situations being creative and innovative means taking the first step towards confident decision making.

Transform Negative Thinking Into Positive Action

- Learn to separate ‘Negative Thinking’ from ‘Negativity’
- Apply the DNA Technique to use negative thinking to remove Obstacles & Blockages that hinder successful Action
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Course Presenter

Great Training

Valerie Pierce

Valerie Pierce, MA (Phil), MSc (Executive Coaching) is Creator of the training concept ‘Clear & Critical Thinking’.

Her international client list includes public and private sector clients in Ireland, UK and Europe over a 20 year period.

Valerie also lectures on MBA programs at Ashridge Business School, Brooks University Oxford, the Smurfit School of Business and Trinity College Dublin.
She is a Tutor on the worldwide Ashridge Leadership Programme and is the author of the ‘Creative Problem Solving’ Learning Guide (2011) for the Ashridge Business School (Top 1% of Global Business Schools – Ref: Financial Times).

Her books include:

‘Quick Thinking on Your Feet’
(Published in Ireland 2003: Japan 2004: USA 2005: China 2005)
'Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking'
published in Ireland (2014)and Middle East (2015)