Maxising Performance Under Pressure

A Three Hour Seminar

Business Success requires a quality of thinking that is sharper, leaner, decisive and adaptive and as a Coach your role is to facilitate this type of performance in your Coachees so they can reach their goals and ambitions in these challenging times.
This 3-hour session delivers some critical thinking techniques that you can work with alongside your clients that allow them to maximise their performance under pressure.

Seminar Content

This is a simple Coaching Tool that assists a coachee to perform at their best when feeling under pressure.

Schedule & Use of Time
Project and Problem-Based Learning
Alternative and Authentic Assessments
Climate of Care

Change Negative Thinking into Positive Action

The DNA Thinking Technique will enable your participants to work with Negative Thinking in a positive way. So instead of being overwhelmed by negative thinking, participants will learn how to use their negativity as an intelligent thinking tool to overcome their problems.

Distinguish your Passions from your Emotions

One of the most important ways to perform best under pressure is to ensure your participant’s thinking is on the right track. A critical Thinking tool for this purpose is to be aware of the difference between being Passionate, versus being Emotional about your goals, as both of these states of mind produce different abilities and levels of thinking.
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Our Skills

Whatever you are doing right now is determined by the way you are thinking.Whatever emotions you feel are determined by your thinking. Whatever you want - all your desires - are determined by your thinking.

We think about our thinking
We are highly purposeful
We use the right thinking tools
We distinguish our thoughts from our feelings and desires
We routinely take thinking apart
We continuously evaluate thinking, determining its strengths and weaknesses.