" ... a great little book with a powerful punch ..."
Valerie Pierce

"MAKE THE ‘NO” day A YESterday" is about developing our thoughts to achieve our goals, especially when we think we can’t.


Creator of Clear & Critical Thinking training modules.
Adjunct Professor at Hult/Ashridge Executive Education

"This type of thinking has changed my life where I no longer fear negative thinking, but now see it as a pathway to achieve my goals. I hope you find it helpful and successful in your life also."

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Our Philosophy
We specialise in Clear and Critical Thinking

"As a believer in the power of good thinking skills to create successful outcomes, I introduce my clients to the power and clarity of analytical philosophy. This enables them to achieve confident problem solving, decision making and innovative leadership skills in their day to day business life. I enable my clients to separate their passion from their emotions to obtain clear focus. They understand the difference between good logic and bad reasons when communicating to others to get things done, and finally they are able to ask the right questions so as to find the best answers -- all essential thinking tools to achieving sustainable and successful goals."

Valerie Pierce

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Expert.

Over 20+ years, we have been trusted trainers and consultants to more than 40000 attendees, completing more than 3000 courses in 15 different countries.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.Professional Development

To deliver intelligently crafted training that achieves the best results for all of our clients.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Expand Critical Thinking

We provide on-site professional training and coaching, helping organisations bring critical thinking into the heart of their development and operations.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well.

Our Skills

Your Success requires a quality of thinking that is sharp, critical and one step ahead. Our Critical Thinking techniques enhance your peak performance in challenging times:

Technique 1

We think about our thinking.

Technique 2

We are highly purposeful.

Technique 3

We know how to deliver cool logic in hot situations.

Technique 4

We routinely take thinking apart.

Technique 5

We continuously evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.


You can make confident decisions and communicate your goals effectively.

Our Commitment

We commit to delivering skills training that is thought provoking, emotionally satisfying and results driven. Our goal is to provide a positive and productive outcome for all those who invest their energy, time and money on professional and personal development.


“It is not enough to know what to focus on to be successful, it is even more important to know how to focus”
Susan Hayes of The Positive Economist reviews Valerie Pierce's last book FOCUS:The Art of Clear Thinking.

“Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking by Valerie Pierce is all about the strategies that will help us be more focused – on the right things.”

Susan Hayes

The Positive Economist

A Creative Organisation Where thinking moves peopleTraining For Everyone

Our training is 'practical', always tackling real issues that affect organisations. It is 'thought provoking' - participants enjoy the intellectual stimulation that Clear & Critical Thinking provides.
Finally it is 'results driven', providing a positive outcome for those who invest energy, time and money.

EFFECTIVE RESULTSMore Than 3000 Courses

Our Training

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